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About the Team Behind the MVT Pain Relief Device


Robert D. Milne, M.D. - Inventor

Dr. Milne graduated from the University of Southern California and the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine. Board Certified in Family Medicine. Dr. Milne is considered a pioneer in complementary medicine, practicing Integrative Medicine for over twenty five years. He is a contributing author of Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide (1993) and co-author of the Definitive Guide to Headaches (1997). He is an inventor, frequent lecturer and practices integrative medicine in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Stephen J. Barry Jr.

My first introduction into the logistics world happened in 1972, when I was employing off duty military personnel and was hired to move the Georgetown Law Library. 1972 was the only time a major airshow was held in the United States, and I was approached by the air show general contractor to move the freight into the exhibition area.

After a successful move in, I was asked by several of the clients asking if I also moved freight overseas for shows like the Paris Air Show. After a momentary consideration, I decided to “Go” for it. I quickly found out what it would take to accomplish this task and set upon an adventure that still thrives today. TWI was born.

1973, was TWI’s first airshow, with 29,000 pounds of freight. Through the years TWI has grown with the times and has prided itself on “service”. Another division came into being , out of necessity…. EXTRAS. When I first arrived in Paris, customers would approach me and ask; where to stay, where to eat, where can I have a reception, and where can I hire interpreters. Now EXTRAS provides all the additional services. Together, they were the perfect union. We could take the freight from their doorstep to their exhibit in any country. As well as house, feed and help facilitate their business needs.

Today, 36 years later, we are still going strong. TWI remains the top exhibition freight forwarder, and EXTRAS has progressed into custom websites to help organize companies any exhibition need, housing, events, transportation and corporate meetings. Both companies, TWI and EXTRAS, take pride in the fact that we do over 300 shows per year.

I have been fortunate enough to receive numerous industry awards, from EDPA, IAEE, and TSEA. My wife and I reside in Las Vegas, when we’re not traveling somewhere on a new adventure. We have four children and seven grandchildren.


Robert Milne, M.D. - Inventor

Robert Lieberman, M.D.

Jonathan Still, M.D.


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