How to Use the MVT Relief Device for back, neck, shoulder and knee pain | MVT Relief

10 Steps to Chronic Pain Relief

Using the MVT Relief is simple. The following guide will help you use the MVT Relief device for a variety of relief needs. Follow these simple guidelines for best results:

  1. Look for the category of problem you are seeking to alleviate. Check the Quick Reference Guide.

  2. Look at the illustrations and pictures of the points to be targeted or use the MVT Relief directly on the place of discomfort or pain.

  3. Apply a Relief Dot to the chosen point.

  4. Push the MVT switch to turn it on and place the MVT Relief device on the selected point. Keep the device on the point for a minimum of 30 seconds to three minutes. It is important NOT to move the MVT until the point(s) is stimulated for the entire treatment period. The reason for this is that the MVT Relief device needs time to energize the collection of cells in the area of a given tender point.

    Some people with chronic discomfort may need five to ten minutes or more to achieve an optimal level of relief. Some people may need to use the MVT Relief device for more than an hour.

  5. After stimulating the point for the appropriate time, move the MVT Relief device to the next point and repeat step 3.

  6. Continue treating the points for a specific problem and then one can find other “tender” points and stimulate them for an appropriate period of time.

  7. For optimal results, you should repeat treatments one to three times daily until your symptoms are relieved.

  8. Remember to recharge or change batteries regularly. If the sound or the brightness of the lights changes you need to change the batteries. (at least every two to four weeks)

  9. A few people using the MVT Relief device for the first time feel a temporary increase in discomfort or pain. There are two general reasons for this phenomenon. First, the person may feel increased pain because of an impingement or blockage due to an injury or medical condition. If the pain persists, this person needs a medical consultation for a further workup such as an MRI and/or other tests. The second condition is where the person had a injury but is slowly healing. The application of the MVT Relief device may cause a temporary increase in discomfort, which is relieved when you remove the MVT Relief from the area. Once the pain goes away, you can reapply to the same area. The pain may return but take a longer time to reoccur. After several re-applications, the discomfort is generally relieved.

  10. CAUTION: If you have a serious illness or chronic or life-threatening medical illness such as heart disease, a pacemaker, cancer, pregnancy, or high blood pressure or infection, you should not use the MVT Relief device without consultation with your personal physician.

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