Client Testimonials

"When I stood on my feet afterwards, there was a lot less pain."

Susan Mardian

Las Vegas, Nevada
I have rheumatoid arthritis and the pain is in many joints. The most intense pain was in the first two knuckles of my right hand. All of the joints in both my left and right knees were very swollen and sore when I went to see Dr. Milne. He introduced
me to the MVT Relief device. I had already had the pain for several years. Drugs relieved the pain for short periods of time, but the complications and side-effects of the drugs ended up putting me into the hospital.

When he first showed the device to me I was confused and I was not sure about it. I did not understand how a device could alleviate pain. What process could make that happen?

Dr. Milne actually put the device directly on the sore joint. Then, he would hold it on each of the joints for a period of about two minutes, and then go to the next joint and wait a few minutes to see if I felt relief. I did!

After my first treatment, Dr. Milne used the MVT Relief device on the bottom of my feet. When I stood on my feet afterwards, there was a lot less pain. That was very noticeable to me because every step you take hurts when your arthritis is that bad. That was the difference that I noticed immediately…was being able to walk without limping.

At first I had so much pain that it took me a while before I felt relief from the MVT device. Then, on subsequent visits when I went back to see him, he followed up with more treatment on each knuckle, and I got more relief the more often I used it.

Now, I use MVT nearly every night. I love it because it has allowed me to live my life better.

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