Client Testimonials

"I donít do pain medications any more."

Geoff Barto

Henderson, Nevada
I used to play soccer professionally in Europe. A while back, the old soccer injuries started acting up. The first symptom I had was pain in my shoulders. It ran from my shoulder to the lower part of my right neck area. I know I have two ligaments torn in my right shoulder from falling. When I would run long distances, it would feel like I had pins and needles in my shoulder going off. They gave me chronic pain killers and I had cortisone shots. Those things would take away the pain temporarily, but during the next game or the next activity I would take part in, it would come right back. I had trouble sleeping because I could not lie on that area. It was a tough injury. I could not play tennis or golf.

Dr. Milne had me try the MVT Relief device on my shoulder and neck for about 3-5 minutes. The pain the next morning was minimal. On a scale of 1 to 10, if I was running long distances, the pain would be an ď8.Ē After a single treatment it was down
to about a ď2.Ē I only had one treatment from Dr. Milne. I actually played golf last week. I had no problems, no tingling in the neck, so itís all good. The MVT Relief device gave me a mountain of relief. I donít worry about having to take Tylenol
before I go play golf.

I donít do pain medications any more.

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