Client Testimonials

"I got the MVT Relief device and it started working right away."

Claire Forrest

Boca Raton, Florida
The MVT is a life saver!

I am a massage therapist. When I developed arthritis in my hands I was afraid (putting it mildly) that my career would come to a screeching halt. Like most of us, I was not prepared for a career change and besides, I truly do love my work and did not want a change. I tried many different treatments including massage, ice and paraffin baths, ultra sound, glucosamine with condroitin, chiropractic, and much more. The orthopedic surgeon tried braces, gave me cortisone shots, then casts. When none of these worked he said he needed to take a bone out!

One of my massage students offered me a chance to try her sisterís MVT. I absolutely could not believe what I had just experienced! It actually took me several treatments before I fully believed that it was real. That the pain was completely gone in less than 3 minutes! I was so excited I bought one for myself and started having everyone I knew use it just to see what else it could do. Every single person that has used it has said the same thing, ďItís amazing!Ē Itís been close to a year now and I am just as excited about this device as I was on that first day.

Thank you Dr. Milne, for creating the miracle that gave me back my life, for the opportunity to help so many people, and for this chance to share my story!

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