Client Testimonials

"This MVT Relief device... gave me hope."

Anne Klein

Boulder City, Nevada
For many years different parts of my body ached. The pain was with me most of the time. My doctor never really said what type of pain it was. Iíve tried the usual over-the-counter drugs. They would take the edge off the pain was all. Iíve had other types of prescribed medications over the past 20 years, so many that I canít remember all of them now. I couldnít take them very much because after a period of time I would wind up sensitive to them. Iíd get allergic reactions. It has been at least 15 years since I have even tried to use them because they were not completely
effective and because of the danger of reactions. My doctor prescribed acupuncture for me about 15 years ago. It eased my pain for a day at a time, so the fact that this MVT Relief device would act on the same acupuncture points to stimulate them
gave me hope that there was a chance it would work on my pain.

I started using the MTV device in February of 2005. I took it with me to the Mother-House retreat for a two week meeting. I wasnít sure that I could make it because there was a tremendous amount of walking. Between the fatigue and the walking, I thought Iím not so sure I can do this trip. I went to my doctor and asked him to do as much for me as he could because I wanted to go to this very important meeting. It was then that he introduced me to the device. He gave me one (MVT Relief device) to take on the trip and told me to use it as often as I needed it. I did so, a number of times a day, and got relief from my pain.

Thereís another point Iíd like to make; in the very beginning, the MVT would take my pain down, I counted on a scale of 1 to 10, from an ď8-9Ē pain level to maybe a ď4.Ē But, the more that I used it the more help I got.

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