Client Testimonials

"The MVT Relief is like my [favorite credit card], I never leave home without it."

Michael Lewis

Henderson, Nevada
I broke my leg when I was 12 years old. The break was above the knee where the femur and knee connect, causing a loss of knee extension. Over the years, my body compensated for the injury and I was able to participate in numerous sporting activities. However, the resulting damage to the knee and compensation in the hip and back have taken a significant toll. I would wake up in the middle of the night with
severe pain and nothing would help.

I had knee surgery which helped the majority of the pain, but it left me with a severe osteo-arthritis condition in the knee. Even the slightest activity was painful, including walking. At the age of 45, I was not ready to stop all activity, so I turned to using pain medication, specifically ibuprofen. Some days I would take as much as 1600 mg. After a while, ibuprofen stopped working. I didn’t like how prescription pain medicine made me feel. All I could do was stop doing the things that I enjoyed doing, like exercising, playing golf and going on long walks with my wife.

Then a friend introduced me to the MVT Relief device. I tried the device, but I was skeptical at first. That’s because on a scale from 1 to 10 my pain was a constant “6” or “7” depending on my activity. Interestingly, within the first few minutes of using the device, my pain went from “6” to “7.” So naturally I thought the device was having an
adverse affect on my pain. I was told this is a good sign and to stick with it. Within approximately 15 minutes I began to get sensations in my knee and up my leg that I can only describe as “weird.” Then within 20 minutes I had no pain at all. I was able to walk pain free for the first time in many months. The pain returned within about 10
minutes, which I was told is normal and to repeat the procedure. I did and gradually the pain stayed away longer and longer each time.

Today, I use the device only when I need it, which is generally after some significant level of activity. I recently went to Bandon Dunes, Oregon to caddy for a friend who was competing in the USGA Mid Amateur Championship Golf Tournament. I walked 10 rounds of golf in eight days carrying a 30 pound golf bag. In all, that equates to walking 40 miles. That feat would have been impossible for me without the MVT. Was I hurting? You bet I was. I slept with the MVT Relief device every night and every day I woke up ready to go. The best part is, within 24 hours of getting home, I was completely recovered.

I live a very active lifestyle again thanks to MVT. The MVT is like my (favorite credit card)— I never leave home without it.

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